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Introducing our Smart Scan Key Tag - the ultimate accessory to streamline your everyday life. This innovative key tag is scannable, allowing you to easily share your contact information, social media profiles, or business website with just a tap of your phone. With a direct link to your preferred social media platforms or website, simply tap your phone on the key tag and instantly connect with new friends or potential clients. The smart technology embedded in the tag makes networking and sharing information effortlessly convenient, making it a must-have tool for anyone on the go. Say goodbye to outdated business cards and hello to the future of digital networking with a smart scan key tag.


  Upload your logo on the cart page before making payment    


Please note that some logos may be too complex to use but I will work closely with you to create something you'll love! 


Get in touch if you were after something a little more custom and something that isn't listed here.



smart scan key tag

  • tag measures roughly 5.5cm depending on chosen shape

  • For links to Facebook pages, the tag will prompt the phone to open Facebook via Safari or Chrome, so it won't directly open into the facebook app (annoying I know!!)

    Not all phones are capable of reading the technology in the tags. For reference, Apple iPhone models from the iPhone 12 onwards, running iOS 13 or later, can read it. Similarly, Samsung models from 2021 and newer are also compatible.


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